Gold Bond was one of the many brands produced by the National Pen Products Company.

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 Gold Bond flattops, mid to late 1920s.

These were very high quality pencils, stamped "Gold Bond Stonite" on the barrels as a testament to their durability.

The four examples on the left bear Rex Manufacturing Company's patents.  Those on the right have no patent dates at all, and I don't know whether they were earlier or later than the Rex models.

Check out the Rex page for more information.


Later Gold Bond pencils, late 1920s and early 1930s.

These more streamlined versions are easily spotted by the knurled top caps.  The material used on the ringtop is a pearl with cobalt blue veins unique to Gold Bond.  The last example is a standard middle joint twist pencil.

All these models also are stamped with the "Gold Bond Stonite" logo.

 gWahl Eversharp also made writing instruments under the Gold Bond name.  Compare these to the Eversharp Doric (frames 13 through 18 on the Eversharp page) and Eversharp Junior models (frame 24).   
 doric2Here's a closeup of the Gold Bond "Doric."
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