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western These are wonderful examples of oversized flattop pencils.  Both are stamped "Western Pencil Company Los Angeles" on the top sections.  Everything above the nickel band turns to advance the lead; the top half of this section unscrews to reveal the eraser. 

Although the design varies slightly between the two, both have a front section that screws off.  The pushrod fits into a lead tube secured in the nose piece.


 My suspicion is that Samuel Kanner, the inventor of the Presto, had something to do with Western Pencil.  Samuel Kanner produced the Presto in New York in the 20s and 30s, then died in Los Angeles in 1965.

The appearance of the trim and the similarity of the clips between the Western, at top, and the Presto, bottom, seems too much of a coincidence.  Can anyone help fill in the blanks here?

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