These, I would have to say, are my favorite mechanical pencils. 

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 Gordon Here are the four examples that I have.  The one on the left appears to have a telephone dialer built into the top.  The one on the right is later and bears the following imprint:  "Gordon Pen Co. Union City, NJ  Palisade 6-3331." 
 Gordon clip 1

And here is what makes these the absolute coolest pencils I've ever seen:  the clip.  It was designed so that when you put it in your pocket, fangs on the underside of the clip sink into the material and keep it from coming out; when you push the wire bail on the top of the clip downward (towards the tip),the fangs retract to release it.

I was able to track down the patent for this clip, number 1,834,151, issued to William Gordon on December 1 1931.  View patent here.  The first version of the clip, patent no. 1,813,396 issued July 7, 1931, had a rod with a ball at the top of the clip instead of the metal loop on these.  I've never seen a Gordon with the earlier clip.

 Gordon clip 2 Here's a closeup of the improved clip.  Same principle, with vicious little fangs, but on this version, the button is pushed inward towards the barrel, retracting the fangs back in towards the barrel.  This clip is marked "Pat. Pend."  I did find patent number 2,268,116, issued December 30, 1941, which shows this clip but with a ball on the end rather than the simpler version shown here.
 s Although I don't collect combination pens and pencils (I've got to draw the line somewhere), I couldn't resist this oversized combo with a Gordon clip marked "Safer." 
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