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 dpThese are early metal Diamond Point pencils.  They are easily spotted in junk boxes by their unique flared caps.  Two are marked Diamond Point on the clip; the others are marked over the clip. 
Diamond 1 

Here is a selection of early flattop Diamond Points.





I refer to these as "bell top" Diamond Points.   Every time I think I have found the wildest colored Diamond Point, another one pops up that is even more psychodelic than the last.

Note that all these have the same insert clip as that on the flattops in the preceding frame with the exception of the cream and red-veined example, which has a press clip similar to those in the next frame. 

 Diamond 4

Diamond Points were streamlined in the early years of the depression, but the first four on the left were every bit as high quality as their predecessors.   Next, the clips were redesigned with a diamond-shaped facet in which "Diamond" was written vertically with "PP" straddling it.

As the depression worsened, apparently the company was reorganized into the "New" Diamond Point - new but not improved.  

Note the similarity between the example on the right and the Parker Vacumatic.

 dThe first few examples on the left all have a faceted and deco bands. 

The "Deluxe" models 2nd and 3rd from the right are amusing.  Think Parker noticed the similarity to the Royal Challenger?

The example on the right is made from the same plastic found on later "Realite" pencils.  See the Autopoint page.

 d The first two examples here are marked with only the word "Diamond."  The next two have an interesting clip variation (note the similarity of the red and black one to the Commander), and the last three are towards the end of the line.
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