I am always interested in buying pencils that fit in nicely with my collection.  Generally speaking, if you don't see it on my site I'm probably interested. 


The best way for you to sell me things, in my opinion, is in person.  You can bring things for me to look at at the pen shows I attend, or we can arrange a time and place to meet so I can see what you have.  I have been known to buy boxfulls or entire collections just to get one or two good pieces, so don't be bashful.

I also don't mind buying things by mail, but all I ask is that you don't send me anything unless I know it's on the way and we've discussed what it is and how much you want for it/them.  I've had some bad experiences with people sending me things "on approval," and either the price of the items or the condition of the pieces meant that I was stuck paying postage to send them back. 


As this site develops, I'm putting up "for sale" pages.  Even if I'm not interested in purchasing what you have, I can put pictures and descriptions of what you have on my for sale pages.  

NOTE:   I am a private collector.  I call this site a "museum," but I am not a nonprofit organization and I can't give you a tax deduction for a donation. 



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