While I'm not giving up my day job, I do repair mechanical pencils and pens, mostly because I enjoy doing it.  Nothing feels better to me than taking a pencil someone has given up on and getting it "back on the road."

Many mechanical pencils, unlike pens, were never intended to be taken apart.  Metal parts were frequently pressed together and sometimes even spot welded, and pencils frequently cannot be taken apart with any hope of putting them back together.  For that reason, I prefer that we discuss your repair issue by email first so that I understand the problem and can let you know whether it is something I think I can fix. 

REPAIR BY MAIL:  If you have a pencil or pen you want me to work on, please do the following:

1.  Send it to my office at 3 South Park Place, Newark, Ohio 43055.

2.  Include with the pencil a self-addressed and stamped mailer for me to return it to you.  Pencils are always returned by the same method they were sent to me, but if I am sending it back to you by ordinary First Class mail, I require Delivery Confirmation.  If you do not include a SASE, return postage will be added to the repair cost.

3.  Email me when you send it to let me know it's on its way.   When I receive it, I'll let you know how much it will cost and how long it will take me to do it.  Repairs with existing parts are quick; repairs that depend on finding suitable replacement parts may require some time.


The two shows I attend every year are the Ohio Pen Show in Columbus, Ohio (November) and the Washington DC Supershow (August).   When I can, I also attend the Chicago Show in April/May.  I always bring my toolbox to these and love working on pencils while I'm at the shows.   



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