Other links of Interest: 

  • Joe's Pencil Pages - my friend Joe Nemecek has posted pictures of his collection online. 
  • Roger Russell has great pages set up on Norma and Scripto pencils.
  • Bob Bolin has a lot of information on Autopoint and related companies on his site.
  • www.pencilpages.com run by Doug Martin is a neat site about wood pencils.  Many of the wood pencil manufacturers also made mechanical pencils.
  • Dave's Mechanical Pencils is an interesting blog with information and reviews on vintage and modern mechanical pencils.  Complete with some really funky background pictures!
  • www.leadholder.com is a very detailed site about lead holders and drafting pencils.
  • W-B Pens and Watches has posted a "Pencyclopedia" (what a GREAT name) detailing histories of many manufacturers, including many of the obscure ones that I like.  He also has pens and pencils for sale. 


  • Matt McColm is a tireless source of information.  If he doesn't know the specific name for a particular pencil, he'll find out!
  • George Kovalenko helped me out with this site and has a thorough knowledge of patents, both for fountain pens and pencils.  His book, Fountain Pen Patents Vol 2 (2006), is very helpful.   Click here for more information.
  • The Zoss Pen List is a great resource for anyone interested in pencils or pens.  The List sends out messages in email form to subscribers, and anyone can post or subscribe for free.  To subscribe, go to www.zoss.com and follow the links to the Pens part.  Word of caution:  don't be discouraged from participating in the discussions.  The list has a few very vocal "know-it-alls" that are more interested in proving how much smarter they are than anyone else, but you will find many good people on there as well that will be generous with their time and knowledge.

In addition to reading old advertisements and catalogues from different manufacturers, I read several books on pens that helped me with this site:

  • Paul Erano's book, Fountain Pens Past & Present (2nd Ed.).   Click here for more information.
  • Glen Benton Bowen's book, Collectible Fountain Pens.  Mine is an old enough edition that the best I can tell you is hit up Amazon.
  • Juan Manuel Clark's book, Collectible Fountain Pens.

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