A.A. Waterman (Arthur A. Waterman & Company)


Note:  For a complete history of the Arthur A. Waterman Company, see "A Different Sort of a Different Waterman" posted at "The Leadhead's Pencil Blog."



The official name of the pen company established by Arthur A. Waterman was "Modern Pen Company," but although Modern produced very nice pens, A.A. Waterman's place in history lies in the fact that he was sued by the "other" Waterman, being the L.E. Waterman Fountain Pen Company, for allegedly using his last name to capitalize on the latter's good name.   L.E. Waterman Company's lawsuit against A.A. Waterman resulted in later A.A. Waterman pieces being stamped with the unwieldy disclaimer, "Not Connected with the L.E. Waterman Co."

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This one popped up on ebay recently.  Before I could snatch it up, someone else did, but the seller was kind enough to allow me to use his photograph of it here.

 a  Couldn't have said it better myself.
   Although the A.A. Waterman Company also used the name "Modern Pen Co.," those pencils marked "Modern Pat. Jan 20, 1920"were actually made by The Hoge Manufacturing Company.  For the full story, see "Enough with the Musing" posted at  
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