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Here is a group of early high-quality repeater pencils from the 1920s, all marked "Selfeed Pat. Appl. For."  They are nearly identical to repeater pencils marketed by Dunn.  


A large part of the mystery concerning the origins of these pencils was solved with the discovery of an intact example, complete with box and paperwork.  In addition to some spectacular artwork . . .

 s it finally provided an indication of who produced these pencils!  The Kemper Thomas Company of Cincinnati was formed in the latter part of the 19th century and made calendars, fans and other novelties.  According to the Norwood Historical Society, the company located there (in the Cincinnati are) in 1902.   
 kHere is a later piece marked Kemper Thomas, from the late 1930s or so.  In 1953, Kemper Thomas purchased Osborne and became Osborne Kemper Thomas (or O.K.T.). 
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