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The earliest Salz pencils were the "Sta-Sharp" line.  The top one is marked "Pat. Appl. For," but the others bear a patent date of Dec.23 1919.  All but the gold filled example have "Salz Sta-Sharp" printed on them; the gold filled example has the Salz Brothers logo on the clip. 

Many of these are imprinted on the cap with "Pencil Products Corp.  Pat. Dec. 23, 1919."  This is the same imprint and patent date as that shown on the Salrite, and this pencil has the same removable nose cone design. 


Salz 'Salrite

I had originally given the Salrite its own page, but now that further examples have surfaced, it's clear that Salrite was a name under which Salz traded. 

The large hard rubber example has "SALRITE" imprinted on the barrel, but on close examination, there's a small "z" in the middle of the name.

All three of these share the "Pencil Products Corp. Pat. Dec. 23, 1919" imprint on the cap.

Note the unusual clip on the hard rubber example.  And the matching ring"top"?  Maybe a "ringside?"

 s A closer view of the Salrites.
 sAnd here's the Salrite shown with the nose cone removed; note the spare lead chambers that surround the central lead drive.

Here's another early Salz metal pencil with a twist -- or rather a pivot.  This example is imprinted "Manhattan/Salz Bros. Mfg NY/14k gold filled".

However, when the top is pulled, it features the same pull-up-and-pivot crown seen on the Nu-Point and Hi-Speed.   On closer examination, the typeface on all three is the same, too.  Whoever made the one undeniably made all three.


 Early Salz flattop pencils stand out thanks to their unusual clip with "Salz" printed on the rectangular window and a patent date of April 14, 1925.  That patent, applied for on November 25, 1924, was granted to Ignatz Salz as number 1,533,466.  View patent here.

Salz also produced pencils marked "Classic," either with or without the word "Salz" also included, which were very similar but had a riveted clip (4th, 5th and 6th from right).  Later, the company produced low quality middle joint, nose drive pencils.


Salz later produced pens and pencils under the name "Stratford."  The two models on the left had a "77" logo above the clip (a clear copy of Eversharp's double-check seal).  Then there are several nicely colored, cheaper examples.  The ones on the right are simply awful.

 p Salz also made the diminutive "Peter Pan" pencils.
 f And if the "Peter Pan" isn't your favorite, maybe the "Favorite" is!
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