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Most Ritepoints were advertising pieces, but the first three on the left are unmarked and appear to have been made for sale, rather than as advertising giveaways.  Note the similarity of the pearl example to the "Nifty Nife" on that page.

I can't resist a great example of schmaltzy Americana, so I figured a pencil with an A-1 bottle or a cow built in would have to fit into my collection somewhere! 


On the cool-o-meter, this one has to be off the charts.  The "wheel" on the top is actually a pully with a spring, on one end of which is a ballpoint cartridge and on the other is a lead holder.  Spin the wheel one way, and a ballpoint emerges.  Spin the other way, the ballpoint retracts and eventually the lead will advance through the same opening.

These pieces aren't marked, but the design was patented by Farmham F. Boyle, who applied for his patent on January 28, 1955 and received patent number 2,833,251 on May 6, 1958.  View here.

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