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The Charles Ingersoll Company produced pencils under the "Redipoint" name from the late 1910s on.  The gold filled models on the left are particularly well made and carry the Ingersoll name.

 Later pencils are simply identified as "Redipoint" and were produced both as advertising pieces and as part of the company's regular line. 

The second and third examples from the right are aluminum.  The example on the right is considerably later than the others. 


Redipoint advertisers, unlike Autopoints, Dur-O-Lites and the like, were marked on the cap with brightly colored disks under plastic. 

I was fortunate to find the E.N.Lodge Co. advertiser in both the full size and ringtop versions!

 rAs a member of my local Moose lodge, this was a Redipoint advertiser I couldn't resist!
 rp3 Full sized Redipoint flattops are a joy to write with:  they are large, well proportioned and they were made in a wide range of colors.  Nickel plated trim examples are the regular line; rolled gold trim denotes a Redipoint "Aristocrat."
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