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All of these were made by the Dollarpoint Pencil Corp.  The first one is marked "Dollarpoint" around the tip and has smooth bands; I don't know if it was made before or after the others.

All the others are marked "Artpoint" pencils, marked around the lower band near the tip.

Most examples found are stamped underneath the top cap "Patented Dollarpoint-Pencil Corp. Los Angeles."   Some have no markings at all under the cap.   Nearly all are nickel plated, but occasionally a gold filled example turns up. 


Here is a closer view of the large Artpoint, with the nose cone removed.  Fans of the arts and crafts movement will appreciate the styling on these, and they are the finest quality metal pencils I know of.

Note the similarities in the mechanism between the Artpoint and the Western Pencil Company, also of Los Angeles.

I have not yet found the patent.


 Some close up details of an Artpoint (top) and the Dollarpoint (bottom.  

The top one has a stamped metal price tag for $1.50 still attached to the ringtop.

Notice that the Artpoints have a floral motif on the band just below the cap, while the Dollarpoints are plain.  Also, the ring on the top of the Artpoint is round, while the Dollarpoint has a "D" shaped ring (for Dollarpoint, maybe?).

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