Mabie Todd & Co. was a high quality manufacturer of gold nibs and fountain pens in the latter half of the 19th century and first half of the 20th century.  The company had operations in both the United States and the United Kingdom, and was producing high-quality pencils long before Wahl Eversharp's meteoric rise as a pencil manufacturer forced other companies to begin producing companion pencils for their pens.

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 The earliest Mabie Todd pieces in my collection are these two "Mabie Magazine Pencis." 

The attractive gold fill example is stamped "Mabie Magazine Pencil / Pat. June 7, '10 " around the nose.  The clip is marked "Patent Apr. 19, 1910." 

The sterling example also says "Mabie Todd & Co." above the same nose imprint.  However, the clip is the familiar clip used on later Fyne Poynt pencils shown below (as well as on the Swan pens), but this one is marked "Pat. Apl'd For."


 Mabie Todd called its flagship line of pencils "Fyne Poynt" pencils.  Metal examples are easily spotted by the unique wire bail used on its ringtops, as well as the ball clip and rounded cap on its full size models.

The distinctive clip, with its broad mounting, was patented January 19, 1915 and was unique to Mabie Todd.  Some pencils are marked only with that date on the clip.


A selection of later hard rubber and celluloid examples.  While the quality of these pieces was outstanding, celluloid shrinkage often plagues these pencils.

Nearly all of thse are marked "Fyne Poynt" in curved lettering on the upper part of the clip.  Some, like the second from right, are stamped only with the word "Guild."

The one on the far right is actually a later English example.  Even though this is a collection of American pieces, that one was just too pretty to pass up!

 mt The company also produced other models, easily identified by the faceted top caps.  From left, an example marked 'M.T.&Co." on the cap; a jade example marked "Swallow" on the clip, two examples marked "Starling" on the clip, and an English model named the "Blackbird."
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