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Belmont was a brand name under which pens and pencils were sold in Rexall Drug Stores.  The flattop has a price sticker and is a very high quality piece.  The next example is stamped Belmont The Rexall Store on the back side, but the color of the celluloid and the trim suggests it was made by Eagle.

The other two are later plastic models simply marked Belmont on the clip.  Whether they are the same Belmont as those sold in the Rexall Stores is unknown.

See also Signet on the DeWitt-LaFrance page, another Rexall Brand. 


These are all marked "Belmont" on the clip but do not bear any indication that they were sold in the Rexall stores. 

Note the similarity of the grey version to mid-1930s Moores.  This example certainly lends some credibility to the argument that Moore held the contract with Rexall to produce Belmont pens and pencils for a time.

 b All speculation concerning whether Eagle manufactured pencils under the Belmont name were resolved when this example was discovered in 2011.  This is in all respects an Eagle Magnum Pointer, but the cap is marked simply "Belmont Made in USA."
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